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Though I am 36 years old, after reading this synopsis of PK Girls I was immediately able to relate, reflect, and release this information I am getting ready to share. During my teenage years I gave my mom complete chaos and even though I was rebelling she never gave up on me. It was only my realization of my need for God and it was not until then could I finally discovered in my heart to acknowledge the need for my mommy, forgive her flaws because no person is perfect, and accept our differences and the mutual reality of the need for one another. No it has not been a smooth road, but I have found out if you keep constant, focused, and aware of your direction, you will get there. So today, I would like to encourage those who may be struggling or have overcome, that it is never to late to begin again. So breathe, release and enjoy your life with your mommy, after all you only get one. God Bless You and may Heaven continue to shine on Not My Kids Foundation..Ms. Keisha Williams


Continue serving the community in this manner. The young people are our future and we share a huge stake making sure the future is greatAnn Williams


Even though I just met you, I want to compliment you on all of your accomplishments and new endeavors. All I can say is AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME!!!!!!!Patty Parnell


What an excellent contribution and educational resources for an outstanding youth outreach program.Vanessa Nance


Hi I’m so glad that we met at the Above The Influence March & Rally. Many people say that they are interested in learning about the Broward Youth Coalition and for you to actually come to our meeting made me super ecstatic! Please, continue to do the GREAT things you are doing for our youth, and I look forward to collaborating with you in future endeavorsNatura Sanders-Peeples


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